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I've known my dream was to be a writer since I wrote my first short story in second grade. It owed way more to the action movies of the '80s than any second grader had any business watching.

Since then, I've been putting in the work to keep improving. Over the past 12 years, I've been writing for a variety of media in a continually changing landscape. I grew from journalism roots into writing engaging alumni newsletters for higher education in a wide range of subject matter. I meshed my skills as a journalist with my master's degree in creative writing to create award-winning features for NDSU Magazine about topics like sod house restoration, accounting, and forensic DNA research.

I currently work full time serving as a copywriter and content manager for a major manufacturer in the audio visual industry. In my spare time, I write art reviews for an international magazine and blog about professional and personal life in the Twin Cities. I'm open for freelancing opportunities as well.

I am a content and idea generating machine for email campaigns, press releases, ads, blogs, brochures, flyers, features, articles, social media posts, video scripts, case studies and more. I enjoy brainstorming sessions to find fresh directions for projects or ways to reach new audiences. Let me know what I can do for you.


Joel Hagen